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Antique Jewellery

Antique jewelry is jewelry that has reached an age of 100 years or more or was made before it reached that age. It consists of almost every known material, decorates almost every part of the body and is generally used as a substitute for jewelry previously owned or manufactured. Some pieces are made in an earlier style or epoch, but some are not, which makes them more similar to modern jewelry than antique jewelry.

Since vintage pieces are less likely to break, they can be worn and displayed in many different ways and worn for many different reasons. Since vintage jewelry designs are relatively current and can easily be slimmed down from the current hot trends to add an extra flair to an outfit, it is easy to incorporate them into a fashion outfit – forward outfit to make a unique statement. This qualifies them for this designation, as much antique jewelry typically has the same design elements as modern jewelry, such as the use of gold, silver, bronze, copper and other metals. 

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We see them not only as masterpieces of metal and precious stones, but also as part of history. Antique and vintage jewelry has always been an important part of our collection and a source of inspiration and inspiration for us. We make vintage jewelry by drawing on family history and looking for pieces that we make ourselves. 

It’s part of the story, but it also gives us the opportunity to pass it on to others and enjoy it for generations to come. Reuse is about being timeless in style and beauty and rededicating something wonderful instead of buying something new. 

Buying vintage jewelry can be scary, especially if you buy a piece of jewelry that is over 100 years old. Antiques are considered when there is a good chance to buy them in a vintage store or even in an antique store in your hometown. 

Compared to modern pieces of jewelry that can be found on the market today, antique jewelry, especially at the end of the 19th century, was manufactured in a completely different way from today’s jewelry. 

The majority of antique jewels date back to the time when they could be classified as antique and even exhibited. Vintage applies to jewelry that is more than thirty years old, which is most jewelry of the twentieth century. A piece of jewellery can only be considered a vintage if it is at least twenty years older than the date of manufacture. 

This is easy to understand and covers the full range of available jewellery, but the term can also be applied to thousands of years old pieces, although most of these eras are in museums. When the jewelry reaches the century mark, it is described as “antique,” and this term applies to everything. 

Things are broken down into epochs that reflect different epochs and styles, and most importantly, you decipher which style categories draw the most from which. 

By zooming in on a period of time, you can gather enough information to find out what a rare piece of its origin has done. 

If you limit yourself to a certain period of time, experts agree that it is best to try different styles that were popular for jewelry in that period at the beginning and find out what works best for you. In pieces from this period you will find familiar beauty, motifs that symbolize romance and can become an integral part of your daily life and collection. 

There is no need to limit yourself to one era. If you understand what you have at your disposal, you can design and customize the themes so that you adopt the styles you love best. You will find creative pieces from this period that use insanely inventive materials, including the famous plastic and bakelite wonders, to create beautiful jewelry in a variety of colors, shapes and textures. Then you will love La Trendz Jewelry from the early 20th century. 

When you get married, you spend a lot of time thinking about the future and all the good things that lie ahead. Vintage purchases can give your special day and years to come a bright glow and timeless beauty. When it comes to choosing the right jewelry for your wedding day or any other special occasion, the words “vintage” and “antique” are used. “may evoke memories of the past, but they can be a very bright part of an exciting future.