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Artificial jewellery industry in India

Artificial Pendant Manufacturers Mumbai

Artificial jewellery has been part of our culture for almost 300 years. Due to the high soaring price of gold and diamond, the artificial jewellery business has a great potential to prosper. The fashion conscious Indian women with higher disposable income are driving the fashion and artificial jewellery market in India. The artificial jewellery business is flexible; as it doesn’t require high investments and there are many ways to start and grow your venture.

Artificial Pendant Manufacturers Mumbai

The growth of Artificial jewellery industry

Artificial jewellery business has a great market in both rural and urban areas, owing to its low cost and attractive designs. There are many factors that are fuelling the growth of artificial jewellery, some of which are:

Value for money:

With soaring gold and diamond prices, it is more affordable and convenient to embrace artificial jewellery. Imitation jewellery can be worn and discarded according to latest trends due to their low-cost benefit.

Innovative designs and variety:

Imitation jewellery comes with the unlimited and exquisite design. Usually, women prefer to coordinate theirsaccording to their dresses. Due to an affordable range of artificial jewellery, it is much easier to make a collection for regular as well as formal occasions.

Security purpose:

Imitation jewellery is safer to wear as compared to the authentic jewellery.  Currently, with theft and crime increasing in society, customers feel more secure wearing fake jewellery.

Lack of gender bias:

Nowadays, Men have also initiated an interest in adorning themselves with this. One can easily come across specially designed fashion jewellery like bracelets, rings, chains, pendants, earrings for the male gender also.

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